Pour House Tap List 10-4-17


  • MAXWELL’S SCOTTISH ALE (5.1%abv) 35 IBUs 2014 WORLD BEER CUP SILVER MEDAL WINNER! Medium in body and brown in color, this ale is delightfully malty with complex caramel and roasty overtones. Paired with centennial hops to create a smooth finish.
  • HALA KAHIKI (hah-lah- kah-hee- kee) (4.8%abv) 10 IBUs
    The name originates from the Hawaiian words for pineapple! Brewed with fresh pineapple juice, this beer is truly unique. With so much sweetness coming from all the pineapple we put in it, you almost forget that you’re drinking a beer.
  • RT EZ (4.0%abv) 20 IBUs
    A Classic American Lager that is light colored and bodied and made with 100% malted barley.  It is super crisp on the finish, and a nice alternative to the heavier fare that our brewers seem to love making.  Keep your session going at a nice pace with this refreshing beer.
  • HEADLESS WYLIE (8.1%abv) 15 IBUs High Gravity
    An imperial red spiced ale brewed with sweet caramel malts and pumpkin. Delicately hopped with rich pumpkin, brown sugar, all spice and cinnamon flavors. Taste like a pumpkin pie right out of your oven and into a pint glass.
  • BIG SOUR IN LITTLE CHINA (5.0%abv) 10 IUBs
    Big sour in little china is an American kettle soured fruit ale fermented with Chinese lychee fruit. This ale has complexity from the lacto culture used to sour and from the lychee fruit which offers hits of grape and melon. A crisp beer that you never knew you needed.
    Brewed in collaboration with Westmoreland Heritage Trail, this medium bodied traditional pale ale is copper in color with a strong malt backbone accentuated by a hefty citrus hop bite, flavor, and aroma from cascade hops. Spiced with wild sumac to top off the citrus, lemon, and Pennsylvania "tang" in this beer! A great addition to your trip on the trail! 
  • HEFEWEIZEN (5.5%abv) 11 IBUs
    This German style wheat beer (weissbier) is fermented with a special yeast that produces a unique banana and clove character.  A very refreshing beer for these warm Autumn days!
  • SASS-SQUASH (5.0%abv) 10 IBUs
    A crisp ale made with sassamanash (cranberries) and acorn squash. This beer is a bountiful cornucopia of harvest flavors.
  • RHTHYM & BREWS (6.9%abv) 20 IBUs
    A rose colored Belgian style ale, brewed with Nugget hops and Hibiscus flowers. Notes of fruit punch and clove with a dry finish.
  • PUMPKIN SPICE (5.2%abv) 15 IBUs Nitro
    A Rivertowne favorite, this unique beer has been brewed with a variety of caramel malts and minimal hops to give it a sweet finish which pairs perfectly with pumpkin. Serving this beer on nitrogen and a cinnamon sugar rim only adds to the deliciousness!
  • DUNGEON CRAWLER (5.9%abv) 30 IBUs
    A chocolate stout that is as rich as it is black brewed in collaboration with the band Dethlehem for the Annual Pittsburgh BrewtalBeer fest. This medieval brew will bring mayham!
  • BEBOP HOP (4.3%abv) 50 IBUs
    This session red ale was brewed with warrior, cascade, centennial and simcoe hops. Being made with the Monroeville Jazz Festival in mind, this red ale will help you get your groove on.
  • DON JUAN JOHNSON (6.0%abv) 30 IBUs
    A wet-hop pale ale made using locally sourced hops from our good friend farmer Don Johnson at Hop Stop Farms. Golden in color with Centennial and Columbus hops.
  • KARLA SIMCOE – (6.0%abv) 55 IBUs
    An IPA (India Pale Ale) that is golden in color and brewed with simcoe hops to give it a super grapefruity nose while still not being to overwhelmingly bitter.
  • JFP (5.8%abv) 40 IBUs
    This porter is medium in body, black in color with notes of chocolate and roasted malts. Brewed with northern brewer and fuggle hops to give it a touch of balance. It’s “Just a Fu@k!ng Porter!”
  • BURRIED HATCHET HEFE (9.2%abv) 20 IBUs High Gravity
    A hazy gold high gravity wheat beer brewed with a special Bavarian yeast and raspberry puree. Rich notes of banana and raspberry mask the high gravity of this beer. A collaborative effort with our friends from Full Pint Brewing.
  • REVOLVING CIDER TAP – Ask us about the current cider we have on tap.