Brewer's Q&A: Dale Walters, Lead Brewer

Get in the mind of Lead Brewer and Craft Beer Legend Dale Walters

Dale Walters, Rivertowne Lead Brewer


 Lead Brewer

Dale Walters, mastermind behind plenty of your favorite Rivertowne brews, hails from Trees Mills, PA. His passion for beer and cooking is what brought him to where he is today - Rivertowne's lead brewer.

      1. What inspired you to become a brewer?  

I got into craft beer in my early 20’s. Once I grew out of the field party days of drinking cheap, yellow and fizzy beer, I found myself going after beers with more flavor. I spent a lot of time as a customer at the old Red Star Brewery in Greensburg and worked as a server and bartender at the old John Harvard’s in Wilkins Township. From there, my love of cooking joined forces with my love for quality craft beer and I knew brewing was for me.

      2. Did you come up with a recipe for any beers?  

Yes, there are a few that I can claim. I do a good bit of the R&D, but we like to collaborate within the team for a lot of our recipes as well. Everyone brings something good and different to the table for sure and has different ideas they want to try or recipes they want to put into action. Jump! IPA, JFP Robust Porter, Wild Apple and Pomegranate Brett would stand out the most for me, mainly because they were either some of my first ones, or something funky and different that we did. Hazy Morning and Class V were also R&D babies of mine.

      3. What draws you to certain styles, as a drinker and brewer?

What do you find appealing?  I am a huge hop head, so IPAs are where it is at for me. If I’m not drinking a Pale Ale or IPA, you’ll typically find a stout or porter in my hand, usually in the cooler months. I developed a bit of a taste for funky and sour beers as well. They are very fun to make, but I can only drink so many of them. I do tend to jump around the board though. I like to taste the different styles to keep up on my game, but I always end up going back to my favorites. 

      6. What is your favorite Rivertowne brew?

I’d say Jump! IPA, with JFP Robust Porter coming in a close second.

      7. What’s your favorite aspect of it?  

They fit my two favorite beer styles, and to be honest I designed them for myself to drink hahaha!

      8. Describe it in 10 words or less.  Jump!

IPA: Medium bodied, super flavorful and aromatic that has just the right bite.  

JFP Robust Porter: Fuller bodied, roasty and chocolatey with hints of smoke and raisin.

      9. What is a good food pairing with this beer?  

I am the worst at food pairing, because I’d pair them with everything! Both would be good with red meat, steak/ burger. The IPA I’d say seafood, pasta, and spicier dishes, the Porter I’d say richer, fuller flavored dishes like BBQ or glazed meats, and desserts.

      10. Do you know a story - or have a personal story - that revolves around a Rivertowne beer?  

I would like to Plead the Fifth Amendment at this time, your Honor.

      11. What is your favorite outdoor activity to do while enjoying Rivertowne beer?  

I enjoy snowboarding in the winter and camping and playing golf in the summer. I’m a big fan of hiking and biking as well, but enjoying the beer tends to come after those activities.

      12. What is one quote or lyric that gets you through the day?  

“It’ll be fine, we are just making beer!”