Dock Party IPA Mix Pack Press Release


Rivertowne Brewing Releases Dock Party IPA Mix Packs. 

PITTSBURGH, PA – May 11, 2018 Rivertowne Brewing, an independent craft brewery located just outside of Pittsburgh in neighboring Murrysville/Export is happy to announce the release of Dock Party IPA Mix Packs

The Dock Party IPA Mix Pack is a party pack of IPAs which includes all four of the newly produced IPAs from Rivertowne Brewing. This package equips you to receive guaranteed invites to all of your friends’ upcoming parties. Like your crew, each of these four IPAs has unique personalities and with 12 cans of IPA included in each pack, you will have plenty to spread around and share. 

4 x Jump! IPA – 6.1% ABV, 80 IBU – American IPA with flavor complexity ranging from berries, mangos, tropical and stone fruits to grass and resin. In life, there are jumpers and observers. This beer was created for the jumpers. 

4 x Float Trip IPA – 5.2% ABV, 30 IBU – Hop-forward pale ale with a big tropical bouquet and taste, a pleasing mouthfeel, and well-balanced bitter finish that begs you to take another drink. Appealing to a wide variety including “non-IPA” drinkers. 

2 x Class V IPA – 8.2% ABV, 60 IBU – American Double IPA. Class V is the classification for the most difficult rapids that a kayaker or rafter would come across. This beer overflows with citrus, pine, and resiny hop flavors and could knock you around if you’re not careful. 

2 x Hazy Morning IPA – 6.7% ABV, 36 IBU – New England-style IPA with an assertive grapefruit aroma and fresh, green hop flavors that snap your palate to attention and leave you wanting more. This beer is a Citra juice bomb. 

“We are stoked to release this package into the wild,” stated VP of Sales & Marketing, Rob Johnson. “IPA drinkers like variety and we feel that this package has four very distinct, enjoyable varieties of IPA inside. The beautiful thing about a 12 pack of cans is that it fits inside your backpack. Whether you are hopping back onto your bike, hiking into the woods, or headed to the river for the day, you can easily bring Dock Party with you and have the added convenience of not dealing with glass.” 

Look for Dock Party IPA Mix Packs to begin surfacing at your local retailers of choice starting today. 

Rivertowne Brewing is dedicated to producing exceptional, approachable craft beer. Our team of passionate, innovative brewers work tirelessly to create unique recipes with high-quality ingredients and hold each beer to the highest of standards, ensuring the final product in your glass is something you’ll enjoy and come back to. Our sustainable packaging allows you to enjoy your favorites at home, the ballpark, or making your way down a peaceful river. At Rivertowne, we emphasize the entire craft beer experience and value the devotion our fans have to our product. 


Contact: Rob Johnson